JBR Motorsport are proud to be the Australian Distributors for Troyer Racecars. We are dedicated to providing the latest US Racing technology to the Australian market

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For all your V8 Dirt Modified and Modlite Information please contact Kevin on:

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Now in Australia The Troyer Mod Lite.

JBR Motorsport & Troyer
Australia's #1 V8 Dirt Modified

Troyer has proven to be the most successful V8 Dirt Modified Racecar on different tracks in every state of Australia. We have worked extremely hard to develop a package that works and allows our clients to be successful as soon as they hit the track.

And remember, when you buy a Troyer racecar from us you are not just buying a racecar but becoming part of the Troyer Team. We will come and race at your tracks and help you race in your conditions.

Call Jane on 0412 773 029 to discuss options.


CONGRATULATIONS TO Mark Robinson For Winning The 2012 Australian Title in his #9 Troyer Racecar

Mark Robinson had this to say after his Aussie Title win 

“The Britten family have been supportive of my racing and my personal situation for which I am grateful for. With Peter winning three titles in a row there is an element of people that will say it is impossible to beat them because they keep the best cars to themselves. That talk can stop now. The Britten’s have always given us the best of race cars available and it is upto my team and I to set it up and defeat them. Troyers are the best brand of Dirt Modifieds available and the Britten’s are the best people to handle the distribution as they share their experiences from the USA to help us all back here in Australia.”



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JBR wishes the Troyer drivers all the best for the current season

Australian Troyer Drivers

Qld 21 Peter Britten

Qld 4 Matt Pascoe/Keith Muller

Qld 12 Kevin Britten

Qld 49 Available to lease

Qld 61 Brian Scott

Qld 72 Scott Conlin

Qld 81 Melissa Latimer

Qld 83 Darren Latimer

NSW A1 Mark Robinson

NSW 25 Andrew Pezzutti

NSW 39 Phil MacNamara

NSW 45 Jai Stephenson

NSW 99 Tony Sneddon

NSW    Scott Gillespie

VIC 3 Dave May

VIC 91 Daniel Scott

VIC 92 Daryl Hickson

WA 4 Bryn Lake

WA 18 Norm/Matt Kennedy

WA 56 Travis Kennedy

2011/2012 V8 Dirt Modified Calendar

We will be heading to Brisbane, Maryborough, Kingaroy, Toowoomba, Lismore, Grafton, Avalon, Parramatta, just to name a few.

Queensland/New South Wales Calender

15/10/11 - Brisbane International Speedway Qld

22/10/11 - Maryborough Speedway Qld

29/10/11 - Brisbane International Speedway Qld

5/11/11 - Lismore Speedway NSW

12/11/11 - Grafton Speedway NSW

19/11/11 - Toowoomba Speedway Qld

26/11/11 - Kingaroy Speedway Qld

3/12/11 - Brisbane International Speedway Qld

10/12/11 - Grafton Speedway NSW

17/12/11 - Sydney Speedway NSW

26/12/11 - Lismore Speedway NSW

1/1/12 - Brisbane International Speedway Qld

7/1/12 - Swan Hill Vic  Victorian Title

13/1/12 - Avalon Vic   Australian Title

14/1/12 - Avalon Vic  Australian Title

26/1/12 - Lismore Speedway NSW

28/1/12 - Lismore Speedway NSW

18/2/12 - Lismore Speedway NSW

25/2/12 - Grafton Speedway NSW

3/3/12 - Brisbane International Speedway Qld

10/3/12 - Toowoomba Speedway Qld

24/3/12 - Lismore NSW

31/3/12 - Brisbane International Speedway Qld

7/4/12 - Lismore NSW Title

8/4/12 - Lismore NSW Title

14/4/12 - Kingaroy Qld Title

19/5/12 - Brisbane International Speedway Qld

26/5/12 - Maryborough Speedway QLD


Victorian Calendar

15/10/11 - Avalon Raceway

22/10/11 - Rushworth Speedway

19/11/11 - Rolling Thunder RacewayBacchus Marsh

26/11/11 - Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway Warrambool

10/12/11 - Ballarat (Redline) Speedway

27/12/11 - Nyora Speedway

7/1/12 - Swan Hill Vic Title

13/1/12 - Avalon Raceway Australian Title

14/1/12 - Avalon Raceway Australian Title

28/1/12 - Barnesdale Speedway

4/2/12 - Rolling Thunder RacewayBacchus Marsh

25/2/12 - Ballarat (Redline) Speedway

10/3/12 - Simpson Speedway

11/3/12 - Avalon Raceway

24/3/12 - Horsham Raceway

7/4/12 - Avalon Raceway

5/5/12 - Rosedale International Speeday


Western Australia Calendar

15/10/11 – Perth Motorplex

29/10/11 –Bunbury City Speedway

04/11/11 - Perth Motorplex

19/11/11 – Esperance Speedway
03/12/11 –Mount Barker Speedway

16/12/11 - Perth Motorplex

17/12/11 - Narrogin Speedway

11/02/12 - Margaret River Speedway

24/02/12 - Perth Motorplex

23/03/12 - Perth Motorplex

31/03/12 –Bunbury City Speedway

13/04/12 - Perth Motorplex

28/04/12 - Bunbury City Speedway.